What Are You Lying About?

"What 5 things are you lying to yourself about?" This question was posed to me as part of a business program I participated in January of 2018. I thought: nothing I don’t lie. A few days later those five things easily poured out of my subconscious onto my notebook page.

They glared back at me.

Probably because each of them had been lingering under the surface of a growing dissatisfaction that I refused to entertain. I had no reason to be dissatisfied. Zero. And yet I was dissatisfied to the point of being ungrateful. The truth is like a splinter: it will come to the surface eventually or it will become an infected sore. These five little questions brought on a year of searching, many discussions about what I really want from the next part of my life, a few tears, and then the start down a path that had been asking me to walk it for quite some time. Life begins when we no longer accept our own bullshit.

As usual, this whole thing started out with me getting in over my head. I was knee deep in a "who will I be when I grow up" thinking session when an email came over inviting me to take a 90 day Immersion Class. It was all about Facebook advertising. Doing reasonably well at those, I took a peek. This could be my exit from mortgage strategy. A new life awaits!

Reading through the requirements, I met most of them, if on the lower end. I applied anyway thinking they would never take me. About an hour later, email notification of acceptance arrived.

They took me? They took me!

Credit card was charged and now it seemed a good time to actually read about what I had signed up for. I thought it was only Facebook ads. Entrepreneurial liberal arts education and a spiritual component were also included. YIKES!

One week of assignments in and it was glaringly obvious, these people knew WAY more than me about writing ads. Custom Audience, spit testing, A/B split testing, Headline writing, USP, What is your customers biggest pain? Can you solve it? Art changes, color changes, theme changes...Test ads. Analyze the testing. There were so many things that I had only scratched the surface of before. I let go of being the kindergartener in the group, and ingested as much as possible.

Either by design or accident, deep thinking in the ad writing stirred up other questions for me. I had signed up for the course hoping to find joy in my mortgage work again or to find a different path all together. We were now reading ancient texts (Proverbs, Art of War, and Socrates) every morning as part of the routine. Discussions after. Fun times. Then emails started coming with question curve balls.

Day 63 Email: Please write down 5 things that you could be pretending not to know. Things you may be in denial about. Things people have been trying to tell you.

It’s interesting that I remember this question as "Five things you are lying to yourself about". It took me more than a few days to get this out. I read them out loud in mortification. I had not realized how caught up I was in what I "should" feel like or desire.

Wanting to earn more did not negate my gratitude for what I have. Abandoning the "you are either earning money or losing money" method of work did not make me lazy. Not liking my job didn’t make it or me bad. Perception without judgement. What a concept! Where did I ever get the idea that exploring where I truly fit made me ungrateful?

When we dig down to the real reason we want to accomplish our goals, then we are able to fight through the tough times and annoyances that would otherwise keep us confined. Until everything is out in the open, when we are ready to expose, without harming, then we can start positive change.

Taking the time to identify our unique gifts and then operate in them and show our marketing and business endeavors our true value shows. Being our true self is a uniqueness that cannot be copied or turned it into a commodity

I am not interested in re-painting your front door. We need to figure out why your house is leaning to the left and has a crack down the back wall. If you are interested click here. If you want a hack or five steps to success, go back to Google and find someone else. We aren’t your people.

If you are ready to find your strengths and work to them, create a system for your business and sales based on bedrock principles, set your goals to what you value -no should, No winners and losers- just high integrity, respect with time left over to enjoy your life then you have found your place.

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With 20 years sales experience, Roberta is a Master Sales Coach. She helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals skyrocket their income by leveraging proven strategies, bedrock principles and by being who they truly are.

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